Programma Lorentz workshop

Citizen Science Lab – Sampling Language and Culture
Lorentz Center, April 3 – 6, 2018
Coordinating team: Roberta D’Alessandro, Hans Bennis, Frans Hinskens, Marc van Oostendorp, Steven Krauwer, Nicoline van der Sijs, Ton van der Wouden


Tuesday 3 April 2018
General introductions (moderator Hans Bennis)
10:00     Arrival, registration, welcome by Lorentz Center staff
10:30     Welcome by workshop organizers, who is who, introduction: disciplines + goals of the workshop
11:00     Frans Snik (Astronomy Leyden): State-of-the-art in Citizen Science: keynote by a representative of the Citizen Science Lab (presentation FransSnik_CitizenScienceLab)
11:45     Vincent Wintermans (Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO): How to incite outreach and involvement of the public for the Unesco Atlas and Wikimedia (presentation Wintermans_CS)
12:30     Lunch
13:30     Gert Storms (Un Leuven): State-of-the-art in Citizen Science in the social sciences (presentation Storms_SWOW)
14:15     Tina van der Linden (VU): Legal implications and considerations for the involvement of Citizen Scientists and the European General Data Protection Regulation (presentation Van der Linden_GDPR Scienfitic Research)
15:00     Nicoline van der Sijs (Meertens Institute/Raboud Un): The case of Dutch (presentation Sijs_Lorentz workshop Citizen Science_intro)
15:15     Elevator pitch by every participant
16:00     Plenary discussion: Discussion on lectures; What are our common questions? What are potential pitfalls for this week? Agenda, priorities and goals
17.00     Welcome reception: Wine & cheese party

Wednesday 4 April 2018
Content of the survey and outreach (moderator Steven Krauwer)
9:30       Roberta d’Alessandro (Language Variation and Change from the Italian heritage perspective): Crowdsourcing data: what’s good and what’s bad about it (presentation Roberta D’Alessandro_CS)
10:15     Frans Hinskens+David van Leeuwen (Meertens Institute, Raboud Un): Sprekend Nederland, a recent multi-purpose collection of Dutch speech (presentation Hinskens_Van Leeuwen_Sprekend Nederland)
11:00     Peter K. Austin (SOAS, University of London): Citizens, speakers and documentation of (endangered) languages and cultures (presentation Austin_CS)
11:45     Nanna Hilton (Un Groningen): “Stimmen”: A Citizen Science Approach to Sampling Language in a Multilingual Setting (presentation Hilton_Stimmen_CS)
12:30     Lunch
13:30     Marc van Oostendorp (Science Communication and Citizen Science)
14:00     Hans Beelen (Un Oldenburg): Networking the Crowd, How to build up and maintain a good relationship with the collaborating public (presentation Beelen_Networking The Crowd)
14:30     Discussion in interdisciplinary groups on content and outreach matters, in general and with Dutch as a pilot study
16:00     Plenary reports and discussion session + formulation of guidelines
17:00     Departure for dinner
17:30-20:30    Dinner

Thursday 5 April 2018
Technical and organizational requirements (moderator Marc van Oostendorp)
9:30       Chuck Smith (Amikumu Pty Ltd): Measuring Multilingualism in a Global Social Discovery App (presentation amikumu_Chuck Smith)
10:15     Daniel Wanitsch (Un Zürich): From specification to release – Insights from building crowdsourcing apps for academia (presentation Wanitsch_CS)
11:00     Reinhild Vandekerckhove & Lisa Hilte (CLiPS, Universiteit Antwerpen): Collecting informal private CMC-data produced by minors: practical and ethical challenges (presentation_Vandekerckhove&Hilte_CS)
11.45     Gertjan Postma (Meertens Institute): Problems with eliciting grammatical knowledge. An example from Pomeranian in Brazil (presentation Postma_CS)
12:30     Lunch
13:30     Ellen-Rose Kambel, Caroline de Jong: The use of software and other tools by indigenous communities to preserve indigenous languages and traditional knowledge (Presentation Ellen-Rose Kambel and Caroline de Jong)
14:00     Hans Bennis (Nederlandse Taalunie): Some conclusions and discussion points (presentation Bennis_citizen science)
14:30     Discussion in interdisciplinary groups on technical requirements, in general and with Dutch as case study; discussion in interdisciplinary groups on organizational requirements, in general and with Dutch as case study
16:00-17:00    Plenary reports and discussion session + formulation of guidelines

Friday 6 April 2018
Conclusion (moderator Roberta d’Alessandro)
9:30       General discussion
12:30     Lunch
13:30     Brief plenary session to thank the participants and discuss next steps